Megabit Game Expo is a joint effort between business partners, buddies, and convention royalty Scott Zillner and Loryn Stone of Troublemakers Services. And the two of them are no strangers to the convention scene. They have worked in every conceivable role from vendor relations, guest outreach, press and media management, programming director, social media and promotions, up to volunteer coordination.

Mega Bit Game Expo is a labor of love from two convention lifers who knew that the Ventura county convention scene had a hole in it and needed some more representation. It’s the Troublemakers second show in Simi Valley, after the Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest.

In addition to working conventions together, Loryn and Scott are the respective Editor-in-Chief and owner of the successful toy news website Toy Wizardscomprised of the two of them plus fellow toy collectors, journalists, and convention associates Ricky DeWeese and Aaron Sparrow.

Outside of their joint business ventures, Loryn is a toy collector and the owner of the pop culture website PopLurker, which is often on the convention press scene. She is also SyFy Wire’s toy journalist and writer of the weekly column ‘Important Toy News’. Loryn’s writing has appeared on Cracked, Loadscreen, Nerdbot, Temple of Geek, and That Hashtag Show. She is also the author of a young adult novel titled My Starlight, which is a high school slice of life story about fandom and the convention scene. She co-owns the animation and cartoon convention Toon-Con along with Scott, a show that takes place in the fall.

Scott is the owner of Planet X Toys, which is not only the name of his booth when he exhibits at conventions, but also his online toy store where his merchandise is sold. He is a world renowned toy collector, an uber collector more specifically, whose collection fills and displays across his entire house. He will appear in season three of Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us, as well as Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest. In addition to Megabit Game Expohis other shows include Pasadena Comic Con, Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest,Sac Toy Con, Power Morphicon, Power Morphicon Express, Robo Toy Fest, Japan World Heroes, and Toon-Con.

For more information about the conventions in their network, visit Troublemakers Services’ official website. 

You can contact Loryn or Scott at: MegabitGameExpo@gmail.com